Winona Ryder Quotes

"I love being called a hipster... What exactly does that term mean?"

"Quirky. If anyone calls me quirky again, I think they should be shot."

"I'm strange, crazy, intelligent, wild, soft, coy, thrifty, boring, romantic, selfish, full of pride, mean, dark, sweet and most of all I'm through with this interview."

"All the famous models live here - I feel like a midget f-ckin' freak!"

"I don't believe I am influencing anybody but myself."

(re Christmas) "Yeah, we would always have a tree; it was usually a cannabis tree, but we would decorate it and there would always be a star on top."

"Most of my friends had pretty weird names; the crowd we ran with when I was a little kid was like, Tatonka, Gulliver, Oobie Doobie... I had a friend, who was on my skateboarding team, named A-shole."

"You can't pay enough money to cure that feeling of being broken and confused."