A Preamble

"Just don't ask me the same question twice;
I may give a completely different answer."

According to the "Web-Page Builder's Guide to Making a Fan-Site" (wot I got from the library) I now have to write some kind of preamble, which will introduce the visitor (that's you - hi, by-the-way) to the purpose and content of this web-site.

I thought what I could do is, make up something about how beautiful and talented Winona Ryder is. So, I was going to start with how cute she is, and how big and limpid her eyes are... But then I realized: that's boring...

...Now, don't get me wrong - I do think she's pretty and I really do like her eyes. I fully agree that her eyes are beautiful. But I don't get why everybody keeps going on about them all the time. I mean, what about her ears? She has lovely ears. They're also quite large, and they protruuude beautifully.

A while back, when I had my Winona Ryder fixation, I had a fantasy about twiddling her ears, you know, like at the movies - I'd be sitting there, sort of watching the film, and I'd be twiddling one of her soft, floppy ears. It's not a s*x thing; it's just that her ears are so very twiddleable...

Anyway, I do get a bit annoyed whenever I see a news item or article, about Winona, and it starts with some crap about "Winona Ryder" and her massive "doe-like" eyes: it really bugs me. Why can't we read a pre-amble about "beautiful Winona Ryder" and her "rabbit-like ears"? Why not? What's wrong with her ears?

Don't get me wrong, I do like her eyes - I just wish that her lovely ears could get a mention, now and then.

So, anyway, I just wanted to say that although this site is mainly about three of my favorite films, I am also dedicating it to Winona Ryder and her beautiful, sensuous and limpid ears...

- Winona Ryder Filmography -

(80s, 90s, 2K)

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