"Just don't ask me the same question twice;
I may give a completely different answer."

I did this site because, despite the hollywood hype, especially during the nineties, Winona Ryder remained herself (relatively)...

..And I did this site because she reminds me of the Martian in the Daffy Duck cartoons.

But more than this, I wanted to teach people how to spell her name...

..There's no point denying it - I checked my logs and, statistically speaking, you probably arrived here after searching for
Winona Rider + something + whatever.

Naughty noni-fan, naughty!

Foreign people (hi) are okay, of course, since you can't spell anyway.. But you brits, yanks, aussies, canadians, paddys and kiwis should be ashamed.

It's R-y-der — like the truck.

But it's all stupid anyway, cuz her real name is Horowitz. In fact that's crap too, cuz her real, real name is Tomchin. It's true - her grandparents were on some old boat, headed to Ellis Island or somewhere, and they swapped names with some other refugees called Horowitz. I've no idea why.

Winona Tomchin. It's probably a lie; she's probably called Tracy Smith...

Still, I reckon she should drop 'Ryder' and just call herself Tomchin - you know, get back to basics. Just Tomchin - no Winona or anything - just Tomchin. It sounds so.. Winonaish... you know? Like a Russian river run-away...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your visit, even if you do call her.. well, whatever..

- Winona Ryder Filmography -

(eighties, nineties, 2K)

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