Dinky Bossetti

Dinky: "Did you know Roxy Carmichael?"
Denton: "Yeah."
"Yeah, real personally."

Dinky, ever on the lookout for an alternate reality, questions Denton about his former girlfriend - Roxy Carmichael.

"These are Roxy's favorite flowers, dandelions. Don't ask me why."



Dinky, desperately awkward.
Dinky, desperately daring.

Dinky Bossetti: "From a deep, immaculate kiss she spread her two ripe, dripping limbs.... and then I happened."
Teacher: "I beg your pardon?"
Dinky Bossetti: "...And the moon throbbed and fought with an angry sun, all that day and all that night - until it forced me out."
Teacher: "Dinky..."
Dinky Bossetti: "Now I scald here... alone. Touch me - with your white words and your dead hands... Now, before I freeze."
Teacher: "That'll be enough!"
Dinky Bossetti: "...And become one of you..."
Teacher: "DINKY!"