Dinky Bossetti

Dinky, trying to be tough.

"I write too, you know..."

"No kidding.."

"...I don't share that with many people."

"Gee, I can't tell you how privileged you make me feel."


People throw food at Dinky.

"My parents were in the process of opening their carpet store when they... acquired me... so, I guess it was sort of a natural thing for them to think of me as another piece of carpet, you know, some sort of remnant...

At the lake, with Elizabeth.

...She can't help the way she feels... I mean, it's not like I have some romantic notion about how I'm suffering because my parents... people for that matter, don't understand me. I mean, so what? Who understands anybody really? Who wants to? It's hard enough trying to understand yourself, you know?... We just... don't fit...

Dinky, pretending.

...It happens."

Dinky stares at Denton.

Denton: "Is there any particular reason why you're looking at me like that?"
Dinky: "What's she famous for?"
Denton: "Did you ever hear that song, 'In Roxy's Eyes'?"
Dinky: "The Jack Slater song? Yeah, I heard it last night.."

"First hit he ever had; she was the girl in that song..."

"And... And that's it? She was in a song and that's why she's so famous? I mean, she didn't save a country, or invent something great or murder someone?"

"Do you know how hard it is to get yourself in a song?"